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Of Course I Love You! Till I Find Someone Better - Durjoy Datta Free Ebook PDF Download

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Of Course I Love You! Till I Find Someone Better - Durjoy Datta Free Ebook PDF Download

                                                 Of Course I Love You! Till I Find Someone Better - Durjoy Datta Free Ebook PDF Download         

Summary Of The Book

Set in Delhi in the late 2000’s the novel explicates the life of one Debashish Roy also known as ‘Deb’ who is the playboy and star of his college. He begins to tell the cautionary tale of a young man who has not yet met his match, that is until Avantika makes her way into his life. However this Casanova who has bedded and wilted the hearts of many women is no real challenge to the chokehold of Cupid.

It isn’t easy to forget the turbulence of this young man’s past and the choices he has made with respect to relationships. His friends are no better who share in the shades of grey that he himself exhibits. In spite of all this, everything is perfect sailing in this relationship he shares with Avantika and their relationship intensifies into a more serious affair.

But things don’t go well at all, after this initial blossoming of their relationship. Avantika follows the advice of her spiritual guru and decides to trample over the hopes and love-struck heart of Deb as she dumps him. This soon prompts Deb into a downward spiral of dizzying depths. His broken relationship makes him incapable of escaping a serious bout of depression that finally spills into the other aspects of his life.

His performance at college suffers because of this breakup, the same happens to his chances at college placements, his relationship with friends and his hopes of being reunited with his one true love, Avantika. Of Course I Love You! Till I Find Someone Better is a passionate story of love and hopeful youth. Will Deb find his way back into love with Avantika and will he manage to turn his life around?
Based on real events and characters, the novel was published in 2008, garnering a wide readership among the youth. It became a bestseller for 17 weeks on the India Today list.

About The Authors

Durjoy Datta is an Indian bestselling author of romance fiction and co-founder of Grapevine India. The other books written by him include You Were My Crush!, Till the Last Breath, Someone Like You and If It’s Not Forever. He graduated from Delhi College of Engineering and went on to pursue a Post Graduate degree from the Management Development Institute. In 2009, the Times Of India identified him as a young achiever. He has authored eight books, among which four of them have gone on to become best sellers. He previously worked in Siemens Power Engineering and American Express.

Maanvi Ahuja is an Indian author. She has co-authored another book which is titled Now That You’re Rich. She graduated from the Shri Ram College of Commerce and worked as an investment banker for a while before continuing with her higher education. She is currently enrolled in IIM, Calicut for a MBA degree.

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