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Entwined With You - Sylvia Day Free Ebook PDF Download

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Entwined with You - Sylvia Day Free Ebook PDF Download

                                                 Entwined with You - Sylvia Day Free Ebook PDF Download         
What to say about this book? I gobbled it up and enjoyed every moment of it. That being said, I think it is problematic. The first issue being that this series was originally sold as a three book series, which has now been extended to a five book series. Which is great, except that this book had the feel of filler to me. When I started it, I wasn’t aware that the series had been extended, so when the book ended, I literally kept pressing the screen on my iPad, thinking there was more. The ending is ABRUPT, and mostly unfulfilling. The book meanders a bit, I think with the intention of building the bond between Gideon and Eva. But honestly? Their relationship is so remarkably dysfunctional that its unsettling to read. While I have no doubt they love each other, Gideon’s actions, in particular, are extremely stalkerish. He tracks Eva’s phone, he knows where she is at all times, he wants her to come work for him so he always knows what she’s up to.  I would have liked to see the story move ahead more. It felt like there were all sorts of little dramas playing out without there being any definite climax (forgive the pun). It almost felt to me as if you’d written a larger book, and then split it into two parts.

All of that being said, the characters are compelling, and the book itself is well written and the characterization is interesting. The sex scenes in this book are extremely hot and they do advance the connection between the characters. Overall, I’m still interested to see the resolution of Eva and Gideon’s story, but I’m really hoping the next book has more action. Entwined with You gets a B- from me.

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