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Cloud Computing Implementation, Management, And Security Free Ebook Download

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Cloud Computing Implementation, Management, And Security

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Book Details

Author:James F.Ransome
No of pages:175
Language :English
ISBN-10: 1439806802
ISBN: 13: 978-1439806807
File Size: 7.5MB
File Format: .pdf
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Table of Contents

What is Cloud ?
The emergence of Cloud Computing
The global nature of Cloud
Benefits of using cloud model
Legal issues when using
Hardware evolution
Internet Software evolution
Server Virtualization
Web services delivered from the cloud
Security in the cloud
Mobile cloud computing


"Cloud Computing Implementation, Management, And Security" by "
James F.Ransome" 
What is cloud computing??? . Its not an easy and simple  concept ,If you read this book you will come to know clearly what is cloud computing. There are always some problems arising with cloud computing like security of cloud computing , legal issues and so on ..

But new hardware and software are evolving for better safety and better performance. 

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