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10 Tips for Killer Website Design

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Website design ideas.

As a freelance website designer, creating dozens of websites over the course of a year can start to challenge your creativity. Finding inspiration to break-out of a comfort zone is something the professional website designer struggles with most every day. On a psychological level, the freedom of a blank canvas is filled with so many possibilities that a designer can become overwhelmed at the options. When this happens it is not a question of, how to design a webpage, but …how to design a webpage that follows certain design guidelines, while still breaking all the rules.
Below are 10 website design tips to help professional designers looking for website design inspiration, or the beginner designer looking for free website design tips:
Use a gradient background instead of a solid color. One method is to use a reflective gradient that has a very subtle color change. For example, the gradient might start out a dark blue, transiting into a similar, but lighter blue, that transitions back into the same dark blue. Also, try changing the direction of the gradient to go from corner to corner instead of top to bottom.
Instead of starting the design and then getting the photos, first find a photo you really want to use in the design. Then, create a color pallet from the photo by color sampling different colors in the photo. This will build a color pallet that includes three to five colors.
Include a sidebar to break up a horizontal layout.
For accent colors, use blending modes in photoshop to add subtle effects to horizontal bars and boxes. This works well when the top layer is a solid color, with a gradient layer underneath. Make sure to add the blending mode to the top layer to create interesting color combinations.
Instead of the header being framed by two horizontal bars, use a shape to add interest to what would be a boxy layout. To keep the design balanced, copy the shape and flip it. This reflective shape can be added to the footer.
If you usually design with a background color, use more white space. Or, if you usually design with whitespace use a background.
Center your website to display in the middle of the browser, instead of the top left corner. This can be done in the HTML and CSS. First create a, div id=”wrapper”, that wraps around the entire layout. In the CSS, for the id, “wrapper”, set the box width according to the width of your design. Next, in the CSS for the wrapper id, set the left and right margins to “auto”. This technique is cross browser friendly and will center you layout (left and right margin) according to the browser window.
Use a different navigation bar technique: folder type, drop-down menu, sliding menu, accordion, two columns …etc. Also, consider changing your typical navigation from vertical to horizontal; or visa-versa.
Use a limited amount of animation to add subtle movement and interest to a stagnate page. This can be a slideshow, or a flashing button.
Stay up to date on the latest software. This will provide new techniques from new tools that you can incorporate into your designs.
These 10 website design ideas can change a design into something new and fresh. Using Photoshop and blending modes to create new color pallets will add pop to the typical solid background. Also, use a photo to create your color pallet, it will inspire new color combination’s that otherwise might be lost. Don’t be afraid to add shapes and sidebars to headers and footers, combining these elements with a horizontal navigation bars instead of a vertical navigation bar; adding interest to an otherwise boxy layout. Finally, keeping up with new software and using new tools and techniques will push your designs beyond your imagination.

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