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This Book Will Get You Rich

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Book Details

Author: David Cameron
No of pages:96
Language :English
File Size:1.28Mb
File Format: .pdf
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Table of Contents

Part 1: The Physical

1: Move from working for money to having money powerfully 
2: Understand the incredible power of compound interest and how to apply it
3: Understand assets and liabilities and how to create wealth with them
4: Get comfortable with money's natural up and down cycles
5: Get comfortable with money's unique and surprising nature
6: Know how and where your money is going and coming from
7: Golden rule: A part of all that you earn is yours to keep
8: Income and Wealth: The relationship explained
9: How to explosively multiply your money geometrically in leaps and bounds
10: Power strategies to preserve your capital and protect your assets
11: Have only smart debt that works for you and avoid bad debts
12: Pay minimal taxes using simple and advanced strategies
13: Turn your home into a profitable investment
14: Create automatic money systems
15: Increase your ability to earn and create wealth
16: More reasons why people never become wealthy
17: You the financial warrior

Part 2: The Non-physical

1: The world of money is simple
2: Vital: Cultivate wealth consciousness and know how wealth creates works
3: A little faith can move moutains
4: How to overcome money panic easily and immediately
5: How to become a super optimist and stop being a pessimist
6: Go forth and be wealthy -its simple.Enjoy yourself


According to author David Cameron "this book is about being exact, straight to the point, being objective, practical and effective at creating wealth, getting rich, here, now, no matter who or where you are or your current financial status". 

The author speaks about the problems faced by the people in becoming rich and how to deal with them.According to the author our lives are divided into two parts physical means our actions and non-physical means our emotions, spirit and thoughts. Author explained the techniques very nicely using examples and how to apply it in our life to enhance our qualities.

This book will make you rich if you will adapt and apply the techniques given by the author in your real life.


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