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Transforming The Mind-Peter Shepard Download free ebooks

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Transforming The Mind-Peter Shepard

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Book Details

Author:Peter Shepard
No of pages:245
Language :English
File Size:673.8 kb
File Format: .pdf
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Background Psychology
Chapter 3 - Therapy
Chapter 4 - Reversal Theory & The Split Brain
Chapter 5 - Motivation
Chapter 6 - The Open Focus State
Chapter 7 - Awakening
Chapter 8 - Discovering The Higher Self
Chapter 9 - The Insight Project


About the Author: The author Peter Shepherd's aim of writing this book was to seek key principles that can be applied by individuals to improve their lives.The author made the following efforts to make this book remarkable.

He gathered the most significant principles about the mind,
He organized them into one system,
He presented them in a way that is easy to understand and
He suggested ways this understanding can be applied by individuals to transform their minds.

He doesn't claim to be the originator of any of these key principles
He wrote this book many years ago for his own interest and satisfaction, with no intention to publish it. When publishing on the Internet became easily accessible in '97, He put it online: it was immediately popular and since then over 500,000 copies have been downloaded.

About the Book:This book is moreover related to psychology.It covers all the phases of life-childhood,parenthood and adulhood as well! The author also focuses on how to improving relationships.He mentions about the sexuality in both males as well as  females.This is the ultimate self-help book and many people have changed their lives by reading it.It teaches step by step how to ask great questions of your self and of your mind and to expand one's thinking beyond ordinary realms of possibility and achieve results, both internally and externally.Overall its a good book

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