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Time Management - Kacper Postawski Download free ebooks

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Time Management-Kacper Postawski

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Book Details
Author:Kacper Postawski
No of pages:51
Language :English
File Size:351.2 kb
File Format: .pdf
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Table of contents
Chapter 1: Warming up to the concept of Time.                   
Chapter 2: We live in our own time cages.                            
Chapter 3: Where does all the time go?                                 
Chapter 4: Time Killers.                                                         
Chapter 5: Organizing, the key to Time Management           
Chapter 6: ‘To Do’ lists                                                         
Chapter 7: Prioritizing helps in meeting deadlines             
Chapter 8: Accomplishing more in less time                          
Chapter 9: Time Savers                                                          
Chapter 10: Doing two things at a time                                 
Chapter 11: Your time, a self analysis                                   
Chapter 12: Saying ‘No’                                                        
Chapter 13: Procrastination-The final enemy                        
Chapter 14: How to stay motivated                                      
Chapter 15:  Plan for success                                                 
Chapter 16: Workaholics beware                                           
Chapter 17: Executive Burnout                                             
Chapter 18: Tardiness

Have you ever been taunted about not being punctual?? Yes, I have been! We all are aware of the famaous proverbs like "Time Is Money" or "Time and Tide wait for no one".We have been hearing these proverbs since childhood but we do not think upon it. Well, its time to become serious now!

In this book,the author Kacper Postawski has explained the real meaning of time. He also shows us where we often waste our time.There are many tactics given in this book on how to save our time.And yess those tactics work!The author believes that time management is very important to be successful in life so he also explains how to plan for success.If you want to accomplish more in less time then this book is a gift for you!

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