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How Would You Move Mount Fuji-William Poundstone Download free ebooks

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How Would You Move Mount Fuji-William Poundstone

                                                How Would You Move Mount Fuji-William Poundstone         

Book Details:
Title:How Would You Move Mount Fuji
Author: William Poundstone
No of pages:288
Language :English
File Size:1.4 Mb
File Format: .pdf
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Table of Contents
1.The Impossible Question
2.The Termans and Silicon Valley
3.Bill Gates and the culture of puzzles
4.The Microsoft interview puzzles
5.Embracing cluelessness
6.Wallstreet and the stress interview
7.The hardest interview puzzles
8.How to outsmart the puzzle interview
9.How innovative companies ought to interview


Preparing for technical interview?? You are at the right place to download the right book!
Most of the leading companies like google ,microsoft,facebook always ask some tricky riddles,puzzles in their interviews to sort out the best ones.Asking such type of questions has become a new trend in hiring.From Silicon Valley to wall street,employers ask tough and tricky questions to test the IQ,intelligence,approach,problem-solving skills etc.They sometimes ask questions which do not have answers.For the first time the author has revealed the top 500 toughest questions asked by those companies.After reading this book job seekers will come to know how to tackle those brain teasing questions and yes they may win the job of a lifetime.And anyone who has ever dreamed of going up against the best minds in business may discover that these puzzles are simply a lot of fun. Why are beer cans tapered on the end, anyway?

You should probably read this book if you fall into one of the categories below:

1)If you are applying in High Tech,consulting or financial services companies,then this book is for you
2)If you are an interviewer then you can refer this book to test you candidates and to get the best out of them.
3)If you love solving puzzles,then go and grab this book

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