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Ubuntu Pocket Guide Free Ebook Download

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Ubuntu Pocket Guide

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Book Details

Author: Kier Thomas
No of pages:155
Language :English
ISBN-10 :1440478295
ISBN: 13 : 978-1440478291
File Size: 2.1 MB
File Format: .pdf
Download Type: FREE|BUY

Table of Contents

Brief Introduction
Installing Ubuntu
Configuring Ubuntu
Getting to grips with the desktop
User and the Filesystem
Hands-on at the command line
Software Management
Securing the system
Learning more and help


"Ubuntu Pocket Guide" by "Kier Thomas" is again a good book which provide A to Z guidance about Ubuntu. It explain  all the  working of Ubuntu . Security of system or securing the system is also explained in detail as you know how important security is .

The author also explained  how to dual boot Linux OS with Windows. In short the book provides a complete guidance from basics to the advanced Ubuntu .

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