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Ubuntu Kung Fu Free Ebook Download

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Ubuntu Kung Fu

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Book Details

Author:Kier Thomas
No of pages:366
Language :English
ISBN- 1934356220
ISBN:  978-1934356227
File Size:6.2MB
File Format: .pdf
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Table of Contents

An Ubuntu administration crash course
315 tips

"Ubuntu Kung Fu" by "Kier Thomas" 
Do you love using Linux OS like Ubuntu ? Me too. Above is the book which was of great help for me.The book is divided into 3 parts. First come the introduction which describes about the author and how to use this book.Second is a small crash course for beginners in which author explains about the basic things such as  desktop , command line , Graphical User Interface (GUI) , software installations , making backups and what to do if all it goes wrong.

Then comes the main part  i,e Tips. The author has provided very great tips in this book. Tips are all about how to optimize Ubuntu , make Ubuntu safe for children , speed up Ubuntu , define your own shortcuts , increase performance of short each and every  tips  are considered in this book,

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