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Teach Yourself Linux In 24 Hours - Stephen Smoogen Free Ebook Download

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Teach Yourself Linux In 24 Hours- Bill Ball Stephen Smoogen

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Book Details

Author: Stephen Smoogen
No of pages: 380
Language : English
ISBN-10 : 0672324423
ISBN: 9780672324420
File Size: 3.8 Mb
File Format: .pdf
Download Type: FREE|BUY

Table of Contents

Preparing to install Linux
Installing Linux
Configuring the X Window System
Reading and Navigating Commands
Using the Shell
Using the X Window System
Exploring Other X11 Window Manager
Using communications Programs
Connecting to the Internet
Configuring Internet Email
Configuring Internet News
Internet Downloading and Browsing
Text Processing
Preparing Documents
Graphics Tools
Learning Math and Financial Tools
Personal Productivity Tools
Playing Linux Games
Basic System Administration
Handling Files
Red Hat Tools


"Teach Yourself Linux In 24 Hours”, by "Stephen Smoogen" 

Welcome to Linux! You have in your hands everything you need to install and use one of the most powerful Operating System in the world. This book is designed to guide you through the process of learning about Linux. What is Linux??? Linux is UNIX-like Operating System that runs on many different computers. Although many people might refer to Linux as an Operating System and included software, strictly speaking, Linux is an Operating System kernel, which comes with a distribution of software.

This book is for someone who wants to quickly master the basics of how to install, run and maintain Linux on an Intel/AMD based personal computer.All the tools you need are included.This book is designed to teach you topics in one-hour session. Planning is one of the most important factors in a successful installation of any Operating System. Once the partition is created, the install program search for swap partition. If it doesn't find any it will warn you and you can go back and set the swap area.

Further it introduces you to the basic Linux commands that you will use for navigating, searching and reading files.You will learn how to set up serial port or modem configure and use two communication programs. Linux software you will need???? Information you will need from your ISP???? Setting up a PPP connection????

Text editors are used by many different types of people. You definitely need to know how to change text file to configure Linux to work the way you want. In short you will like this book if you like Linux!!!

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