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Beginning Ubuntu Linux Fourth Edition Download free ebooks

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Beginning Ubuntu Llinux Fourth Edition

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Book Details

Author: Keir Thomas and Andy Channelle
No of pages:175
Language :English
ISBN-10: 1590596277
ISBN: 13: 978-1590596272
File Size: 17.5 MB
File Format: .pdf
Download Type: FREE|BUY

Table of Contents

Introducing the World of Linux

Installing Ubuntu
The No-Nonsense getting started guide
The Shell and beyond
Office Tasks
How to Secure your Computer
Keeping your system running
Ubuntu replacement for Windows Programs


"Beginning Ubuntu Linux Fourth Edition" by " Keir Thomas and Andy Channelle" 
Linux is much more powerfull than Windows , yes you heard it right ...but how ?? . The same is explained in the introduction part . Windows are having certain problem which are overcomed in Linux also known as the benefits or +point of Linux . Who uses Linux , how Linux differs from Windows are some important question covered in tis book .

Author explained the complete installation of Ubuntu by removing Windows and backing up your data. Problems occuring while intsalling Ubuntu are also solved in this book . How to optimize Ubuntu is also explained in detail .

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